Named after a Star Trek character, T’Pau had a huge hit in 1987 with “Heart and Soul” (off their debut album, “Bridge of Spies”) While none of their other singles were successful in the US, internationally they had top 40 success with two other songs from that album, “China In Your Hand” and “Valentine.” They […]

Simple Minds


In America at least, Simple Minds will probably forever be most identified with “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” but they also had quite a few hits before and after that song (“Waterfront,” “Promised You a Miracle,” “Alive and Kicking,” etc). Though their line-up has changed and there have been gaps between new albums, Simple Minds […]

Big Country


Big Country had several hits off their 1983 debut album “The Crossing,” most notably the song “In a Big Country.” While the group continued to be successful in the UK, by the 1990’s they had trouble maintaining their popularity in America. In late 2001, singer Stuart Adamson hung himself, leaving the future of Big Country […]